Customer Loyalty Program

One Hyundai Family

Membership to One Hyundai Family (OHF) is open to all registered owners of Hyundai vehicles, excluding fleet accounts and company-registered vehicles, purchased from authorized dealers of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the authorized distributor of Hyundai cars in the Philippines.

Active Member’s Perks and Privileges **

A. 10% Discount on Preventive Maintainance Service (PMS)
    Members can enjoy exclusive discounts on PMS Labor and PMS Parts from any authorized Hyundai dealership. 

B. Privilege to Qualify for a Hyundai MasterCard (subject to bank approval)

C. Redeem Reward items from Hyundai Brand Collection & Lifestyle Rewards Basket

D. Discount and freebies from Hyundai Partner Merchants

E. Exclusive invitation to Special Hyundai must-see Events

F. Access to OHF personal account

Membership Validity & Renewal

One Hyundai Family membership is valid for two (2) years from the date of OHF registration. Automatic renewal if with complete PMS but if with missed PMS, member must submit to the registering/selling or servicing Hyundai dealer a written request for membership renewal at least 30 days before the expiration of OHF membership.

Inactive members who fail to earn at least 1,500 PMS Labor Loyalty Points in a year or whose membership has already expired may re-apply for OHF membership by submitting complete application requirements to any authorized Hyundai dealership.

One Hyundai Mobile App

OHF no longer issue a physical One Hyundai Card for New and Renewed members, you may download the Mobile App at Google Play or App Store to generate your Digital ID.

OHF Online Registration and Enrolling Process

Visit and click “Register as a new user”

Enter active e-mail address and password then click “Register”

An email will be sent to the address provided for confirmation to complete the registration. Follow the instruction and log-in

To add Loyalty Card Number (LCN), click My Account then choose Add Account.

Enter LCN and password then click Save.

A prompt will display confirming the successful adding of LCN

To know your Loyalty Card Number, you may contact our Customer Relations Office or simply refer to the welcome e-mail notification from One Hyundai Family.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points earned by active members shall only be valid until the expiration of OHF membership (i.e 2 years from the date of OHF registration). Points are non—transferrable and may not be combined with your other OHF account (i.e if you have multiple Hyundai vehicle).

You may earn OHF Loyalty points through vehicle purchase, availment of PMS, purchase of Hyundai Genuine parts and accomplishment of distributor’s survey.

OHF points can be used in redeeming OHF reward items, event passes and partner merchant vouchers.

Item Redemption

You may redeem items online by logging - in to your OHF personal account.

Each items have corresponding OHF points.

*You may visit OHF website ( for more details.
**Subject to Terms and Conditions