One Hyundai Club

One Hyundai. One Journey. One Family.

Want to be a member of One Hyundai Club? Then read on and find out more about One Hyundai:

1. How do I apply for the One Hyundai Club?

Just visit and inquire for membership at your nearest authorized Hyundai dealership. Once there, simply fill out the One Hyundai Club application form. You may also log on to to apply for membership. Once your application is processed, you’ll be entitled to one (1) One Hyundai Club membership card.

2. What can I earn from being a One Hyundai Club member?

Every time you use your One Hyundai card to avail of Genuine Hyundai parts or services at authorized Hyundai dealerships, Loyalty points are accumulated and credited to your account. Points can also be earned for every accomplished Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) or Customer Service Index (CSI) survey form.

3. What do I get in exchange for the loyalty points credited to my One Hyundai account?

Loyalty points may be redeemed for exciting merchandise from the One Hyundai Lifestyle Rewards Basket featuring items and gadgets that support your many passions in life, premium Hyundai Brand Collection, and exclusive discounts from distinguished partner merchants, such as LuxureVille Nest Spa, Haagen Dasz, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches and Bioessence.

4. Does the One Hyundai Club also provide me with roadside assistance?

One of the primary commitments of Hyundai is to accord its customers the highest value in terms of safety and dependability that the Hyundai global brand has been known for. That’s why the One Hyundai Club also partners with internationally-acclaimed AAI or Assistance Alliance International to provide its members with fast and reliable service from its highly qualified support teams, should there be any need for roadside, medical or travel assistance. One Hyundai Club entitles its members to AAI’s 24/7 quality roadside assistance which include emergency towing, ambulance support, locksmith assistance, and referral to authorized Hyundai dealers and service centers to name a few. And all of which is for FREE if you are a One Hyundai Club member!

5. What other advantages are there by being a member of One Hyundai?

As an added premium, a One Hyundai Club member is also privileged to have his/her own Hyundai Mastercard1. The Hyundai Mastercard makes processing of your transactions with authorized Hyundai dealerships easier and more rewarding, whether you’re buying Hyundai Genuine parts, availing of services, or even buying your Hyundai car. Earn 3% rebate on ALL fuel purchases at any gasoline station nationwide and 0.5% rebate on ALL other retail purchases at any merchant worldwide. Cardholders can also enjoy exclusive 10% discount on PMS Parts & Labor, and selected accessories in any authorized Hyundai dealership.

What’s more, One Hyundai Club members are given priority access to Hyundai’s most exclusive events, where you can meet with your fellow Hyundai motorists and be privileged to see firsthand Hyundai’s latest breakthrough automobiles or be the first to get heads-up on Hyundai’s special campaigns and promotions in the country.